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The Institute of Constructions Training and Development – ICTAD

Under Ministry of Constructions, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities

ICTAD is an organization setup by the government of Sri Lanka to develop and promote the domestic construction industry, contractors, professionals, work force. ICTAD has established itself as a recognized and important constitute of the constructions industry. Different client organization had been registering contractors during the past using different criteria. To avoid anomalies and to maintain uniformity the government decided for registered contractors centrally. In 1989 central registration scheme was started by ICTAD and it was revised in 1993, 1995 and 2008.

Registration and grading is a screening process for the capabilities of prospective contractors to determine their general ability to undertake different types and size of projects without reference to any specific contract. Registration and grading will be determined by evaluating a contractor mainly his financial capability, the technical ability with staff and plant and machinery and the experience gained in relevant field. Under this scheme the contractors are classified under 10 grades (C1 to C 10)

National Construction Association

National Construction Association of Sri Lanka was formed in 1998. It consists of contractors in the higher echelons according to the grading of the Institute of Construction Training and Development ( ICTAD) which has categorized the main construction contractors into ten grade and specialist construction contractors into five grade according to their financial and technical ability.

Moody International

The international Moody group is a worldwide technical services organization dedicated to reducing Clients risks by providing technical inspection services, technical staffing services, consulting and training and management system certification. Moody international provide technical and safety services to the construction, oil and gas , power mining , engineering , chemical and other heavy industries. Moody management system certification to all industry sectors.




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